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Monday, July 21, 2014

Unexpected By Amy Marie Book Review

I honestly didn’t know what to make of this book by the cover, but I can honestly say I was pulled into this story from the very beginning. I for one HATE books where someone cheats on the characters you fall in love with, but it is necessary to get them so hurt and broken so that our hero can come on and save the day..

Erin, is the cute math teacher going through some major bull shit because of her douche of a boyfriend of forever (5 years) broke her heart and left it with no hope to mend.  My hearts hurt right along with her but I must say I wasn’t hurting for long cause HAWT DAMN she hits the jack pot!! Lol.

Walker, I’m just gonna leave at his name because ho-ly shitz! I loved him and his sexy sweetness, I need one of him made strictly for me pronto! The devotion he has for her and trying to heal her and make everything right is just amazing to read play out, and that ending! Goodness  I didn’t want it to end.

4.5 STARS!!

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