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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Promises Hurt by Elle Brooks Book Review

An amazingly emotional read, I just fell in love with the relationship that developed between Blair and Ethan. The way they met to the connection that seemed to flow throughout this story was something to be amazed by.

Blair wasn’t expecting to fall for the one guy her bff had chosen for herself, but when she’s left a letter after she dies there’s a whole other complication when she’s put in front of the temptation she doesn’t feel she needs to have. Not wanting to let her friend down with a few last wishes she starts to open up more and finally begin to let go, Ethan just didn’t mean to happen but love has another way to bring two broken people together.

Ethan has secrets that he doesn’t want anyone to know. His home life is shit and his band means everything to him. But what his father wants for him is completely different then that future he see’s for himself. He meets Blair and finally someone he can be himself with and let everything out in the open, but when he learns of what he thinks is her betrayal, everything comes crashing down around them…

This book left me speechless, there aren’t too many high school romances that build the angst up this much, I mean holy mother…I just about died on that ending as well. I need more and to find out what happened after the BIG scene…I know that just makes you wonder doesn’t it? Lol.

4.5 STARS!!

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