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Friday, August 29, 2014

Reed's Reckoning By Ahren Sanders Book Review

AHREN!!! AHHH!! I swear I love you! Ok, now that I have that out the Let’s get to the good stuff..

Wow, just unbelievable, I love anything by Ahren as it is, but the hurt, betrayal, and second chance at love in this book was real. The things that Ari and Reed went through can and do happen every day and I believe that’s what made this story so easy to get into.

Ari is a single mom who has worked hard to build her career and take of her son. She’s beautiful, but she’s not looking for a man, she’s more worried about being able to provide love and give the things to her child that she was robbed of as a young girl. With the help of her two best friends and her AMAZING grandmother she’s been able to accomplish things that most single mothers pray to one day achieve. I loved her relationships with her friends throughout the whole process of learning to open up and give love a chance again,. They didn’t push her and she was open to their thoughts and suggestions. Ari is an amazing character: strong, smart, and forgiving to those she truly cares about.

Reed is pro-football player, ladies man, and the love of Ari’s life. I loved his drive to win back his family and prove he could be more than the playboy he turned into since the break up with Ari. He was definitely surprised to find out he had a soon but unlike most men he took that in stride and loved that little boy like no other. I felt bad for him because it seems like EVERYONE close to Reed had betrayed him, who exactly? Well you have to read and find out… His alpha personality cracked me up because it came out in the worst places, lol. But hey! That’s what love does right? And those sexy times…le sigh** shit a reread is definitely in order!!

5 STARS!!!

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