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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Separation (The Kane Trilogy #2) By Stylo Fantome Book Review

Oh lawdy, where o begin? Did I tell you guys how much Loved book one?! No, well I freaking loved that shit more than I should have considering Jameson needed to be spanked (cough) I mean (smirk) taught a lesson on how to treat a lady, well she’s not really one, but ok you get the point. The games played in book one didn’t turn me off whatsoever, just made me interested in where Stylo would take us next, and left me craving more….

Ok, so we basically pick up book two where book one left off. Tate is in the hospital, and only really allows Sanders into why she drank so much that night and how she’s not ready to forgive Jameson. I completely understand her reasoning and I would feel the same, I mean come on she was in love with the man, BUT and yes it’s a BIG ONE, the girl fucked up all on her own as well. If you read book one the ending where Tate makes a huge mistake, yeah that’s where it’s her fault as well. So I get Jameson’s hurt there too.  But, Tate isn’t going to become the same love struck submissive fool again so she tries her hardest to escape the life she had with Jameson and move on.

Ohh, I love me some Sanders in this book; the sneaky bastard. I learned a lot about him as well, and I hate what happened to him, but he’s the most loyal person ever and I want to scoop him up and keep him with me. He was a major factor in this book and told both Jameson and Tate the truth no matter how  much they hated to hear it.

Jameson tries to take a different approach with Tate and be the man he believes she needs, but Tate was making everything difficult this time. I don’t really know how I feel about Tate, honestly, she frustrated the shit out of me most of the book, but It was a car wreck you can’t help but I’m and definitely NOT saying that in a bad way. I loved the banter, the fighting, the truths, the sex, all of it was just right on point and so different from the last book. The characters evolve and then that ending…WTH was that?!! I’m so confused…I need to see where this goes!!!

5 freaking AMAZING STARS!!! 

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