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Friday, September 26, 2014

This Road, Part One (A Road Son Rockstar Novel) by Karolyn James Book Review

When I saw the blurb to this book , all I could think was “hell yeah, the beast of my favs coming together is going to fan-freakn-tastic” but, that’s not all this was about… A life based on decisions that you cannot take back, choices that need to be made, and hearts that are going to get broken. This story is about Bryce, Clara, and Blake. Bryce and Blake are two friends that want the same girl and Clara has to make a choice. I hate she had to get put in that position but sometimes life is just that…hard.  Years later looking at the one that got away and then the life that was put in front of Clara just makes you rethink if maybe you made the wrong decision once. Now Bryce is back and he wants the life he left behind, but what cost is he willing to make? 


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